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sunday school with
franz hinkelammert


Jim Finn

Butcher Walsh
Jesse Stiles

Sound Design: 
Jesse Stiles

Additional Production Help: 
Piotr Tokarski
Jennifer Walton
Cat Mazza
Tania Honorato Crespo


Hi-Rez Stills


Sunday School with Franz Hinkelammert
(50:20, 2012)

Click here to watch the movie and selected interviews from the film.

A film about liberation theologian and economist Franz Hinkelammert. "Finn’s witness eye travels to the origin of a theory that stands on the “theology of liberation” in order to reinterpret the last years of universal history of political and social-economical iniquity, focusing on Allende’s Chile, Reagan, the connection between the US and Latin America, false utopias, and several other ideological wanderings of contemporary culture.”
—BAFICI (Buenos Aires Festival de Cine Independiente)

Film Stills

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